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Your Cozy Mountain Retreat

Welcome to the Waterfall Apartment – your cozy mountain retreat! Revel in the perfect fusion of nature and comfort in this modern 2-bedroom haven. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views from your private balcony and relax after a day of outdoor activities in our cozy apartment. Your ultimate escape for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquility and scenic beauty.

An Unforgettable Vacation

The apartment is spacious for 4 people with a cozy living room, large dining table, and fully equipped kitchen. You will enjoy a morning coffee or tea on the south-facing balcony while enjoying the view of mountains and hills rich in forest. There is a lot to do around the apartment. There are unique trails for hiking, (mountain) biking, and climbing. In the winter, you can enjoy winter sports on the nearby slopes. But you can also enjoy the large variety of restaurants and shops in Kranjska Gora. In the evening, you can enjoy playing games or watching TV in the cozy living room. Finally, you will have a good well, deserved night's rest in the comfortable double bed in the master bedroom or the full-sized bunk bed.

Adventure in Pristine Nature Awaits

You have access to unique outdoor activities for everyone. A beautiful and safe biking path leads you to Mojstrana, which gives access to the Vrata Valley. The Vrata valley is spectacular, with steep rock faces, among which Triglav's north face (Slovenia's highest mountain). However, you can also bike up the Vršič pass, which is a real challenge and gives you a spectacular view from the 1611 m high mountain pass. You can do easy hikes, e.g., to the waterfalls (Martuljški slapovi) close to the apartment, where you will also find a mountain hut serving typical Slovenian mountain food named Brunirica pri Ingotu. Other nearby hikes to mountain huts with typical food are to Koča v Krnici, Planinski dom Tamar, and Rifugio Zacchi. The latter is in Italy and just a 20-minute drive. Also, mountaineers can load their batteries with spectacular routes, e.g., to Triglav, Jaloveč, Špik, and Prešojnik. But also don't forget the klettersteig in Godz Martuljek, which is situated in a gorge and can be done with children with the proper equipment and experience! And there is much, much more to explore! 

Experience Slovenian, Italian, and Austrian Cultures

The Waterfall apartment is located in Slovenia but ample kilometers away from Italy and Austria. It is extraordinary to experience so many different cultures. Tarvisio is the nearest Italian city, perhaps not the most spectacular, except for the nearby Santuario del Monte Lussari, which draws tourists worldwide! In Austria, the nearest city is Villach, a typical Austrian town with a visibly rich history. In Slovenia, you can travel to the capital (about a 1-hour drive), Ljubljana, which is very pretty and usually loved by tourists. But you do not have to travel far for culture. Kranjska Gora has a rich history reflected in the buildings, and there are a few museums. A highlight for mountain lovers is the Alpine Museum in Mojstrana. Culinary lovers can also enjoy many good to excellent restaurants. Our favorites are Gostilna in Picerija Jožica, the restaurants of hotels Triangle and Kotnik. You are going to love it!